Teeth Whitening Farmington

Teeth Whitening Farmington

Teeth Whitening Farmington

Teeth Whitening Farmington

Schedule a new patient visit at Farmington Village Dental for cost-effective teeth whitening in Farmington. We know you’re looking for beautiful results when thinking about whitening, which is why we are pleased to offer professional-grade whitening services that provide a consistent, reliable solution to less-than-brilliant teeth.

White Teeth- a Universal Social Status

Nearly all people in all cultures believe bright, white teeth are a social asset, but the ramifications of discolored or yellowed teeth can reach deeper than social acceptance. An unattractive smile might be the reason you get passed over for your dream job, the promotion you’ve been waiting so long for, or the opportunity to show off aspects of your character that are more than cosmetic. It costs so little to whiten teeth in a professional setting; in fact, teeth whitening in Farmington Village is still the most affordable cosmetic treatment available.

Safe Teeth Whitening in Farmington

Only professional treatments are safe to use on your teeth. While numerous over-the-counter products claim to offer fast, affordable results in as little as 10 minutes, the fact remains- the American Dental Association approves only pro-grade whitening. Consider just a few of the exclusive benefits you’ll experience through whitening at Farmington Village Dental:

  • Long-lasting results- a better investment, dollar for dollar
  • Penetrating whitening that removes stains and discoloration
  • No surprises or ‘blinding’ white teeth you have to hide
  • Affordable in-house treatments
  • Convenient at-home options
  • Choose the perfect shade of white
  • No sensitivity issues

We Offer Deep Bleaching

Only whitening formulas from your dentist can remove deep-down stains left behind from food, certain drinks, and prescription medicines. If you’re considering dental veneers to cover up discoloration of your teeth, meet with our staff to find out whether our deep bleaching treatment can offer the beautiful white teeth you have in mind. Chances are, we can help you achieve your objectives through a combination of at-home and short office visits or a series of take-home whitening treatments.

One Hour In-Office Whitening

It’s safer, gentler, and more reliable than ever to have teeth whitened when you see our Farmington dental staff. Relax while listening to your favorite music or take a short nap and wake up to incredible results you may have thought were not possible without a more costly cosmetic treatment. Today’s pro-grade whitening treatments very often eliminate the need for additional cosmetic services- and they cost far less than you might think.

Save on Teeth Whitening in Farmington

Join our exclusive Quality Dental Plan for significant savings on many treatments offered at Farmington Village Dental. For an affordable membership fee, you’ll not only receive free cleanings, exams, and x-rays, but you’ll also save $20 on comprehensive dentistry services in our office. Your one-time annual cost of membership will pay for itself many times over throughout the year, especially when you opt for cosmetic services or treatments to improve the appearance of your smile. Don’t wait to have your teeth whitened- your best smiles are still ahead.

Teeth Whitening Farmington

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Teeth Whitening Farmington

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