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Meet the Farmington Village Dental Team

Farmington Village Dental Team - Andrea
Business Coordinator | Dental Assistant


Andrea was born and raised in Connecticut. She has been with Farmington Village Dental since 2002 when she started out as Dr. Nadeau’s only employee.  When Andrea joined Farmington Village Dental she was both the dental assistant and the receptionist.  These days she spends the majority of her time on the business side.  She schedules appointments, processes dental insurance, and makes financial arrangements.  Meanwhile, she still occasionally assists Drs. Nadeau and Krause during dental procedures. Andrea does a lot to help our office run smoothly, and we are so thankful for her many talents!  In her personal life Andrea is married to her high school sweetheart, Phil, and has two sons. In her free time, Andrea loves running, playing soccer, and doing art projects.

Farmington Village Dental Team - Ashley
dental hygienist


Ashley was born and raised in Connecticut, and currently resides in Burlington with her husband, her two sons, and her fur baby named Saber. She received her dental hygiene degree from Tunxis Community College and has been a part of the Farmington Village Dental team since 2013. In her free time Ashley loves to travel and do any and all outdoor activities.

Farmington Village Dental Team - Dabney
Dental Hygienist


Dabney is a CT native and 2-time graduate of Tunxis Community College. She has been practicing Dental Hygiene since 2006. She loves meeting new people through patient care, and takes pride in attention to detail.

Dabney loves being active and is an Ironman Triathlete. In 2021 she even thru hiked the Appalachian Trail!

In her free time you’ll find her snowboarding, traveling, cycling, hiking, racing, and camping with her herding dog Timber and her husband Ed.

Farmington Village Dental Team - Maria
Dental Hygienist


Maria was born and raised in Connecticut and received her dental hygiene degree from Tunxis Community College. Prior to being a hygienist Maria worked in health care for more than ten years. It was during that time that she grew a passion for oral health. Outside of work, Maria enjoys exploring the outdoors, learning new things, and spending time with her family and friends.

Farmington Village Dental Team - Stephanie
dental assistant


Stephanie was born and raised in New Hampshire. She is a dental assistant and has been with Farmington Village Dental since 2008. Stephanie spends most of her time caring for our patients, but she can also be found helping out at the front desk by answering phones, filing insurance claims, scheduling, and doing anything else that is needed. Stephanie is a Certified Myofunctional Therapist and a certified Myobrace Educator and loves helping our patients overcome their oral habits.

Stephanie has two daughters and enjoys country music and spending time with family and friends. An interesting fact about Stephanie is that she used to work on a cruise ship!

Farmington Village Dental Team - Sue
Dental Assistant


Sue was born and raised in CT and has been with Farmington Village Dental since 2015. She is a Dental Assistant who assists our doctors with procedures. Sue says the best thing about being a dental assistant is the connections she gets to make with our patients, helping them feel more comfortable and confident during their dental treatment. Sue has two grown daughters and lives in Berlin with her husband, Bill. In her free time you can find Sue in her garden, doing DIY projects, or spending time at the beach. In a previous life Sue worked with a florist and she is the talent behind many floral arrangements and decorations you see in our office. Another fun fact about Sue is that she used to own a costumed balloon delivery service.

Continuing Education & Training

Rest assured that we are fully trained and certified to provide you with the most up to date dentistry you are looking for. Several times a year the entire staff attends dental conferences and seminars to keep informed about new developments in patient care, new products, equipment, and advancements in dental treatment techniques.

Patient Consultation & Information

Knowledge is power. We want to empower you to make informed decisions about your oral health. The first step to evaluating dental health is to actually look at overall health by reviewing your medical history as well as reviewing your current medications. Next, we will examine all of your teeth visually. To aid us in this process, we may use an intraoral dental camera that enables us to take pictures so you get to see what we see in your mouth. If we decide they are necessary we will also take x-rays. Finally, we will discuss with you what we see, and we will discuss what your treatment options are. It will be up to you to do as much or as little as you want, in a time frame that is comfortable for you. We help you make healthy choices!

Positive Childhood Dental Visits

Early dental care ensures healthier teeth and better facial growth for your child, and it can also lower the cost of dental treatment needed in later years. More than 1 in 4 children in the U.S. have cavities by age 4, and some as early as age 2. We want to reduce your child’s risk of developing cavities so we often have conversations with parents about food choices and dietary habits that affect oral health. We believe that a very important part of childhood dental visits is learning how cavities happen. We do our best to make it easy and fun for both parents and children to learn about good oral health habits. We are here to provide positive dental experiences for your child (and you) right from the first visit!

What Patients Say About Us

The hygienists are among the nicest, most helpful people I have ever met. They really explained everything and that helped me understand why I need what I need.

Marie V.

I love Dr. Nadeau and her team. My husband and son are also patients, and we all love the personal treatment we receive at Farmington Village Dental and the cleanliness of the office.

Laurel Y.

I have always been dentist phobic, but this place has cured me of that! They treat you like a person and not just another job to complete. Highly recommend this practice!

John F.

Happy happy happy! I am so happy I found a place that is good for both me and my kids. Nothing ever hurts, they run reasonably on time and everyone is friendly.

C. Anukin

I can’t say enough about the professional care given to me at all times at Farmington Village Dental. The entire staff is just great! They are courteous, friendly, and always smiling.

Jeanne B.

I’ve been a patient for over 8 years at Farmington Village Dental and have always had a very positive experience! A great team that is up-to-date on the latest techniques.

Ed P.
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