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Although sometimes met with reluctance from your little ones, regular brushing and flossing as well as regular cleanings of your child’s teeth are crucial to your child’s overall health. Farmington Village Dental is well known in the Farmington CT area for taking great care of children. We love kids!

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Good Habits Begin in Childhood

It is important to develop good habits early. Regular dental care should begin on or before your child’s first birthday to ensure early prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dental issues. These early visits are also to ensure proper tooth development and eruption. If you need a pediatric dentist in Farmington, CT that sees kids, the team from Farmington Village Dental is here for you.

Pediatric Dentist Farmington CT
Andrew’s Bite: August 2015

From the moment that your child’s first tooth erupts (between the ages of 6 months and one year) it is essential to monitor every aspect of their dental health. Potential concerns for infants and toddlers (for instance, baby bottle tooth decay) must be diagnosed and treated early to prevent future complications. Other concerns, such as malocclusions, can be seen as early as age four and should be treated early to ensure that your child grows up with a beautiful, natural, healthy smile.

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Andrew’s Bite: March 2016

More information regarding your child’s first dental visit is available here.

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Early Pediatric Dentist Intervention Can Prevent Future Complications

Since we can identify orthodontic concerns very early, it’s best to not let those problems continue and develop as your child grows. Parents often have a misconception that their child will grow out of the problems that we see early. In fact, it’s the opposite – a child will grow into their problems and the problems will just get worse.

Pediatric Dentistry Farmington
Logan’s Incisors in June 2015

In order to combat early orthodontic problems, we are proud to offer modern orthodontic techniques that focus on your child’s overall health and well-being in addition to their teeth. These techniques can vary in approach and can also vary by name. Some terms you may hear us or others call this would be myofunctional orthodontics, interceptive orthodontics, or preventative orthodontics. In all, this type of approach focuses on the underlying cause of your child’s malocclusion instead of just treating the symptom of crooked teeth. There is significant focus on the musculature of the mouth and the habits that are affecting a child’s growth and development. When we correct muscle dysfunction we can develop the jaw bones to their best genetic potential. When started early enough there is a good chance we can avoid braces for your child in the future.

Farmington Pediatric Dentistry
Logan’s Incisors April 2016

Last but not least, myofunctional orthodontics focuses on the development of your child’s airway. Unfortunately, many children these days are plagued with chronic ear infections and undergo the removal of their chronically inflamed tonsils and adenoids. By developing the jaw bones and correcting a child’s growth we can help improve your child’s ability to breathe and we can help your child potentially avoid surgery.

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