TMJ and Bruxism Prevention

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Drug-Free Headache Prevention

Traditional theories have linked tension-type headaches (TTH) to muscle contraction and tightness in your jaw, scalp, neck, and shoulders. A small, comfortable biteguard worn at night, called an NTI, works to reduce the intensity of clenching and teeth grinding. The nightguard enables the muscles of the jaw, head, and neck to relax, allowing you to find the relief you have always wanted from your headaches and/or jaw pain. In addition to our comprehensive dental care, the team at Farmington Village Dental Associates offers custom NTI devices to help relieve your headache and jaw pain.

What is Bruxism

Bruxism is the involuntary or habitual clenching together of upper and lower teeth and is often accompanied by grinding, which is when you slide your teeth back and forth over each other. Bruxism often happens during sleep and can put unhealthy pressure on the muscles, tissues, and other surrounding structures of the jaw. It can also cause jaw joint disorders, headaches, neck pain, jaw pain, ear pain, tense muscles, and excessive wear on your teeth.

Collectively these symptoms are referred to as “TMJ” problems (temporomandibular joint, or the hinge that connects the lower jaw to the upper jaw). Bruxism is a common problem affecting an estimated 30-40 million Americans and if left untreated, it can permanently damage the temporomandibular joint as well as the teeth. The cause of bruxism is not completely known, but many professionals agree that stress and anxiety play a major role. Sleep disorders, an abnormal bite, and missing or crooked teeth are other possible factors.

Treating TMJ and Bruxism

Stress reduction and anxiety management are methods used to reduce the symptoms of bruxism, but nightguards are the most commonly used treatment method. The NTI device is a small, FDA-approved mouthpiece that fits securely on either your upper or lower front teeth while you sleep. It creates exclusive contact between your incisors (the 8 teeth in the front of your mouth with straight edges) and prevents your molars from touching or grinding, which stops your pain at its source without drugs. Ask us how an NTI nightguard could help you have more peaceful nights and more pain-free days! Contact us to schedule your first appointment today.

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Visit NTI’s website for more information.

An NTI Success Story

I was suffering from severe migraine headaches and I was grinding my teeth at night. Dr. Nadeau indicated my headaches were (at least partially) a result of the night grinding. She made me a nightguard and it has saved my life. I can’t sleep without it. I had migraine headaches three times a month and some were debilitating.

Since she made this for me, I have had only one migraine in almost a year’s time. Interestingly enough, I got the migraine on a trip to Guatemala and I had forgotten my nightguard! Trust me; I won’t ever forget it again. I am so happy with it and it is easy to get used to. It really, really works!

Dominick G.