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Meet Pearl: Our AI-Assisted X-Ray Interpretation Technology

Dr. Monique Nadeau

In the fall we implemented AI assisted x-ray interpretation called Pearl. While AI may seem like a scary concept, the truth is that AI is around all of us all the time. From facial recognition on our cell phones to ordering online AI is present in all of our lives already. Most radiologists looking at scans in medicine are already using AI, so it was only a matter of time before dentistry started using it as well.

What is Pearl?

Pearl is an artificial intelligence program that detects areas of interest as a second set of eyes. It aids in the detection of cavities, infections, bone loss (periodontal disease) and areas of suspicion like a crown or filling not fitting properly.

Why did we feel something like this would be beneficial?

First, the AI removes variables like the ambient lighting in the room and the differences in how things look on different computer monitors. Secondly, AI removes human factors such as fatigue and distraction. Thirdly, AI can detect many more subtle differences in shades of grey (the human eye can see around 30 shades of gray while AI can see over 500 shades of gray!). Finally, AI provides an unbiased analysis and allows care to be standardized to ensure clinical consistency.

We are excited to now have this technology available to us and our patients. Ask us to show you Pearl at your next appointment!

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