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We Refer For A Reason

Dr. Monique Nadeau
Why did my dentist refer me

General dentists all begin their careers with the knowledge and skill necessary to perform all aspects of basic dentistry, and yet within dentistry there are several specialties in which the dentist can acquire advanced training. Even within these specialties, however, there are many skills that “cross over” into other areas.

For example, general dentists treat young patients (pedodontics) and adults. The dental needs for patients of all ages can include root canals (endodontics), crowns/bridges and dentures (prosthodontics), tooth extractions (oral surgery), the movement of teeth and the development of the jaws (orthodontics), and the treatment of gum and bone disease (periodontics).

General dentists are held to the same standard as specialists. For example, the root canal you receive in the office of a general dentist must be performed according to the standards of the endodontist and the end result must be the same as if the root canal was performed by the specialist.

While some general dentists try to do it all (they treat every person that walks in their door no matter what problem or concern they present with) other general dentists choose to refer certain specific cases out to a specialist.

In our office Dr. Monique Nadeau and Dr. Eric Krause perform all aspects of general dentistry; however, we are very particular about what cases we are willing to take on.

We firmly believe that special cases need a specialist.

Sometimes the choice of who we refer to a specialist is clear cut and we don’t even attempt to begin the case. We simply refer the patient right to the specialist’s office. Other times the case is not so clear cut and in these instances you may get referred to a specialist even after the work has been started.

Choosing to refer a patient to a specialist is not always easy to do but when we do make that decision there is a good, specific, clinical reason for it and that reason varies by the circumstances at hand. We refer when we feel that the patient will benefit from the specialists advanced training. Who we refer a patient to is also customized to that particular patient.

Over the last fifteen years our dental office has been open in Farmington, CT we have gotten to know many specialists in the area and we have worked with them countless times on countless cases. We know their work and we also know their personalities. We know what specialist will serve each individuals needs best.

Sometimes, however, a patient will not take our referral recommendation and they will see another doctor. The reason for this may vary, but the outcome can almost always be predicted. Sometimes the intended work that we referred out for is ignored and the specialist performs a different procedure without communicating their work to our office. Other times, the patient simply doesn’t like the doctor that they saw because their personalities clashed. In such instances the patient comes back to see us upset and/or there are surprises that no one is happy about.

The bottom line is that when we refer a patient to a specialist there is a good reason for it and there is also a reason for the particular specialist we have chosen for you to see. Please take our referrals seriously and if, for some reason, you are unable to see who we referred you, to please call us to discuss this. We can often give you another recommendation.

Are you looking for a general dentist in the Farmington, CT area? We are happily accepting new patients. Please call us today at 860-676-2288 to schedule your appointment.

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