Teeth Whitening Special

One Day Whitening Special

It’s no secret that everyone in today’s world wants to look their best.

Just think of the countless ways in which people put their best image forward: • They color their hair • They shop for new clothes and shoes • They use all kinds of skincare products • They use makeup to enhance their features

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest and fastest ways to improve your smile and look younger. Our office is offering a special for select days in September 2014. For only $300 you can experience Zoom! ™ in-office whitening for only $300.This is the best price we have ever offered this service at.

Which smile would you rather have?
Which smile would you rather have?

There’s nothing to be afraid of.  You sit back and relax in our massaging dental chair while we do all the work for you.  If you prefer to listen to music bring it along and we will supply noise cancelling headphones for you so that you can tune out the world and just relax.

You may experience some sensitivity during the whitening and this could last for up to 24 hours after.  Don’t worry, it’s not permanent.

Be sure to go on a “white diet” for the first day.  Anything that will stain a white shirt will stain your teeth and during the first day it is critical to avoid any stain causing food or drink.

Are you ready for a whiter smile?  Call us today!